hello friends!

hey! it's me kellie, the lemondime girl!

growing up in the mountains of montana and the northwoods of wisconsin, i couldn't help but fall in love with God's beautiful creation. my younger years were spent splashing in creeks, running around my grandpa's farm, collecting rocks, sketching, playing keyboard and dancing!!! ... and tying my hair up in bandanas! after marrying my sweets (before graduating college) and having four of our five children close together, i had forgotten what it was like to be an artist! SO many years spent nursing babies, changing diapers and training children took a little bit of a mental toll on me. after praying for a way use my creativity, help other women and contribute financially to our family,  God gave me a vision... to host an extravagant craft weekend for women! to not just teach them to find their inner artist, but to encourage them to never lose who they are. i mean, lets be honest... it's easy for us to lose ourselves in the beautiful mess of life, right?

and then it happened...

with a few girlfriends around my table, prepping gifts for craft weekend, i made my first necklace. soon came a request for necklaces with words and from there it all seems like a crazy-fun whirlwind. from making necklaces at my kitchen table to a new she-shed studio in my backyard, i would have NEVER imagined that God would do what He's done to grow this business i basically 'stumbled upon.' 10 craft weekends, 2 employees and thousands upon thousands of necklaces later, here we are!

after traveling to (and falling in love with) Cambodia in 2017, learning SO much about the complex tragedy of human trafficking, and feeling like there was WAY more i could be doing here in the States, God expanded my vision. upon returning home, i began working toward the goal of growing my company to also employ survivors of trafficking and women at risk. i envisioned a company of people who truly love, care-for and support one another, in an environment of hope! the potential to provide dignified work is limitless! the moment i let go of being in control and truly understood that this was NOT about me, God blew the doors wide open, and it's just the beginning!

most days you can find me up early having coffee with my sweets, our two mini-wiener dogs on my lap, while our children sleep in... oh the beauty of 'life-school' at home! honestly, with 4 teens, i feel like i live in my mom-van... can you relate? i get just a tad excited when i get to take my teal '68 ford truck for a drive, use my power tools, or crank up some music and dance... dance party anyone? i think we have a lot to be dancing about! 

let it be known that i have learned that i was created for more, that my God-given passions are meant to be pursued, and that one small token of hope and encouragement around the neck, can be life changing! who knew? can you tell I'm excited? 

thank you from the deepest parts of my heart for being on this journey with me, for cheering me on and for all the ways you make what i do a complete blast! and to my Father God... not sure why you picked me, but i pray i serve your people well, and that i always point people back to You. like i always say, "it's ALL Him." 

my cup runneth over,

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